Gallery Sets Sights High

Westmorland Gazette

A Kendal art gallery which is rapidly gaining national reputation since being set up in 2018 is preparing for a major new exhibition of contemporary sculpture… Continue Reading

Anxious Objects: A conversation with Anna Reading

Sculpture Magazine


The Pothole - Anna Reading

Solo exhibition of Anna Reading supported by Mark Tanner Sculpture Award touring programme installed at Cross Lane Projects in Kendal… Continue Reading

Award-winning artist shows new sculpture and performance works

Westmorland Gazette

Cross Lane Projects is staging a solo exhibition of new work by Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2018/19 winner Anna Reading.

Installed across a floor of vinyl collages, Anna Reading’s The Pothole presents a series of new sculpture and performance works developed over the past year as the 16th recipient of the major UK award… Continue Reading

Revisiting Tom of Finland's sexually explicit oeuvre

The Economist

Kendal hosted “Let’s Go Camping with Tom of Finland”, a show of work by the 20th-century artist. Held in a former mint-cake factory, the event reflects a changing view of gay desire. Where once such pieces would have been dismissed as merely obscene, representations of sex are increasingly appreciated for their artistic qualities… Continue Reading

Tom of Finland: Drawing Beautiful Men Proud To Love Each Other

by Rebecca Larkin

The exhibition Let’s Go Camping with Tom of Finland at Cross Lane Projects celebrates the work and influence of the iconic queer artist and comics creator ahead of the 100th anniversary of his birth, as part of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival… Continue Reading

Tom of Finland Centenary celebrated with new Cumbrian exhibition


A new exhibition in association with the Tom of Finland Foundation at Cross Lane Projects Kendal, Cumbria marks the forthcoming 100th anniversary of the birth of Tom of Finland… Continue Reading

Review: Auto-Destruct


The car has had an iconic role in art and popular culture for well over a century now. From the futurits’ celebration of technology and speed to the eroticised fetishisation of American automobiles in Pop Art, for much of the 20th century the car was seen as a glamorous symbol of modernity and progress… Continue Reading

Auto Destruct exhibitions opens at Cross Lane Projects Cumbria


Auto-Destruct, curated by Cedric Christie, Pascal Rousson & Stacie McCormick features works relating to and reflecting upon the nature of our aspirational technological inventions and the destructive nature they become… Continue Reading

New exhibition is inspired by radical artwork

Westmorland Gazette

AUTO-DESTRUCT is the summer exhibition for the region’s latest art space.

Adding another dimension to an already vibrant cultural scene, Cross Lane Projects opened its fresh and innovative doors last year in the former Kendal Mint Cake factory… Continue Reading

Flugblätter at Cross Lane Projects, Kendal

The Fourdrinier

Poised at the entrance to the Cumbrian gallery, I found myself on the narrow shore of a vast sea of paper; each page gently floating – or ‘fluttering’, as the onomatopoeic title of the exhibition invites – on the air currents in the room… Continue Reading

Cross Lane Projects Kendal Launches Two International Exhibitions


Cross Lane Projects in Kendal opens two exhibitions this week with a consciously international list of artists in the run-up to Brexit. Flublätter and Miniscule 2 features artists from across the globe to create a wide-ranging show questioning aspects of modern society… Continue Reading

Review: Frances Richardson - Not even nothing can be free of ghosts


Cross Lane Projects is a new initiative that makes a significant contribution to the cultural life of Kendal and the wider Cumbria region… Continue Reading

Award winning sculptor brings London exhibition to new art space

Westmorland Gazette

Nestled into Kendal’s cultural quarter, Cross Lane Projects is a gallery space situated in the former Kendal Mint Cake factory, on Cross Lane. Opened by artists Rebecca Scott and Mark Woods, the aim of CLP is to bring new contemporary art and debate to Cumbria… Continue Reading

Frances Richardson Tanner Prize Exhibition opens at Cross Lane Projects Kendal


Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, welcomes a major UK sculpture award as it is shown outside of London for the first time… Contiue Reading

Outstanding Art in Kendal Cumbria - Frink, Rego and Scott


This summer Kendal is hosting major exhibitions featuring Elisabeth Frink, Paula Rego and Rebecca Scott… Continue Reading

New space puts art and debate in the frame

It might not be hidden exactly, but it’s certainly been Kendal’s best kept artistic secret for a few months now… Continue Reading

Paula Rego and Rebecca Scott Exhibition launches new Kendal Gallery


A new art space in Kendal Cumbria kicks off with the dynamic pairing of Paula Rego and Rebecca Scott. The vibrant Kendal art scene has been further enhanced by a new contemporary gallery, Cross Lane Projects… Continue Reading