29 June – 31 August 2019

With works by:

Steve Carr, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Cedric Christie, Jean Luc Dubin, Lee Holden, Graeme Miller, Simon Liddiment, Stacie McCormick, Elena Montesinos, Owen Oppenheimer, Ben Philpott, Jay Price, Pascal Rousson, Rebecca Scott, Gavin Turk & Tisna Westerhof.

Auto-Destruct, a group exhibition of works relating to and reflecting upon the nature of our aspirational technological inventions and the destructive nature they become. Many of the works regard the automobile as the device that was seen as liberation, independence, a revolution for mankind, that has in fact led to wars, contributed to climate change and is responsible for over 3000 deaths a day. The ubiquitous vehicle is not scrutinised for its monstrous reality and current car branding still sells a lifestyle as a symbol of wealth & glamour and independence.

Jean Luc Dubin, from New York 1978 series. Graeme Miller, Périphonique, 2007. Gavin Turk, Transit Disaster, 2012. Simon Liddiment, Node, 2018. Cedric Christie, Medals (Blinky Palermo), (Imi Knorpel), (Francis Bacon), (Boltanski), Rudolf Schwarzkogler), (Sigmar Polke), 2008. Stacie McCormick, Redundant, 2018. Pascal Rousson, Portrait 1 and 2, 2018. Jake & Dinos Chapman, Bangwallop, 2010. Stacie McCormick, Why do we name them? 1, 2018. Owen Oppenheimer, Nowhere Really (Redux), 2009. Jay Owen, Vauxhall Blue, 2007. Ben Philpott, Car, 1989. Cedric Christie, Black and White Painting, 2018. Stacie McCormick, Why do we name them? 2, 2018. Lee Holden, Serve My Soul, 2018-19. Rebecca Scott, Internal Combustion, 1995-2018. Rebecca Scott, External Combustion, 1995-2019. Tisna Westerhof, Justice 4 Freddie, 2015. Steve Carr, Burnout, 2009. Elena Montesinos, Oil Oil Oil (Morte aux Vaches), 2019. Photography by Rebecca Larkin. All images copyright the artists.