Maxine Bristow: Component (Re) configuration i.210320-LA95LB, and Component (Re)configuration i.210320-LA95LB, 2014,. Planar Object: Pelmet, 2011. Anna Fairchild, Jelly Ear, detail, 2020. Runner, 2020. Sian-Kate Mooney, The Follies, 2020. Baal, 2014, Untitled, 2020. Mark Woods, Boy Racer, 2020. The Collection, 2016.

All works copyright the artists.


Maxine Bristow, Anna Fairchild, Sian-Kate Mooney and Mark Woods
Curated by John Stephens

21 May to 1 August 2020

Cross Lane Projects launches its 2020 programme with the exhibition Made With… considering materiality in contemporary sculptural practice. Curated by John Stephens, this new group show of contemporary sculpture presents work by artists Maxine Bristow, Anna Fairchild, Sian-Kate Mooney and Mark Woods.

Made With… is concerned with materials, not just as the means by which art objects are made but also with the ways in which the intrinsic qualities of materials and associated processes determine the form and the meaning of art objects. Their use of materials reflects the artists’ interests in social issues and issues of culture, gender and sexual politics, psychoanalytics, psychogeography and semiotics.

Independent curator Stephens has selected artists whose practices ultimately draw attention to the very materiality of the stuff they work with. Stephens has previously been a Director and Curator with artist-run Castlefield Gallery in Manchester.