Evolutionary Love

Dean Kenning

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Winner 2020/21
19 March – 23 April 2022
Private view: Friday 18th March 2022

Dean Kenning (b.1972 Hounslow, UK) makes kinetic and sound sculptures, as well as videos and diagrams. His work is engaged with political, philosophical and scientific questions, and is produced through hands-on material and process-based experimentation, and in the spirit of DIY problem solving

For ’Evolutionary Love’ in Kendal, Kenning has produced a series of semi-autonomous, interactive creatures, which crawl and drag themselves continuously around the gallery, avoiding obstacles and interacting with visitors and each other.

This new work is more technically sophisticated than Kenning’s previous kinetic artworks, but the effect is more ‘animalistic’ than ‘robotic’ as the focus remains on the aesthetics of movement, particularly nervous or compulsive movement.


Lawson Oyekan, Gavin Turk, Nicola Tassie & William Plumptre

6 May – 25 June 2022

A group exhibition exploring contemporary ceramics with work by Lawson Oyekan, Gavin Turk, Nicola Tassie & William Plumptre.

More information coming soon.

Previous exhibitions


12 November to 4 December 2021
Kendal Mountain Festival 2021

Festival Dates: Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 November

Hosted at Cross Lane Projects, a collaborative exhibition with Kendal Mountain Festival and Folded Zine brings together a group of young artists.
Featuring work by Marisa Crane, Hannah Kessler, Bethan Thorsby, Arran Wylde-Eccles, Juliet Klottrup, Mel Galley, Kill The Apathy, Matt Carrick, Jason Williams, Josie Lomas, Emily Davies, Niobe Michell, Mena Dickson, Lauren Hine, Chloe Speakman, Rosanne Broyd and Simon Burgess.

First image: Robot, 2021, Dean Kenning. Second image: 4, Cross Lane Projects. Third image: Folded Zine Poster. All works copyright the artists.