12 November to 4 December
Kendal Mountain Festival 2021

Festival Dates: Thursday 18 – Sunday 21 November 

We are delighted to be working with Kendal Mountain Festival and to be hosting an exhibition with Folded Zine.

Featuring work by Marisa Crane, Hannah Kessler, Bethan Thorsby, Arran Wylde-Eccles, Juliet Klottrup, Mel Galley, Kill The Apathy, Matt Carrick, Jason Williams, Josie Lomas, Emily Davies, Niobe Michell, Mena Dickson, Lauren Hine, Chloe Speakman, Rosanne Broyd and Simon Burgess.

Previous exhibitions

What A Fur Cup

The Political Cartoons and Comics of Martin Rowson
15 October to 5 November
Lakes International Comic Arts Festival 2021

Festival Dates: Thursday 14 to Sunday 17 October

For nearly 40 years Martin Rowson has been the scourge of the political establishment, focusing his unflinching eye and scurrilous wit on those in power. His cartoons for the Guardian, Daily Mirror, Independent, New Statesman and many more, draw from an encyclopaedic knowledge of western culture and combine with a breath-taking talent for image making.

His comics, including The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman and The Communist Manifesto take apparently challenging texts and make them accessible and enlightening for a whole new generation of readers.

What a Fur Cup will feature some of Rowson’s most powerful political cartoons, caricatures and comics and present an entertaining journey through the past forty years of politics and celebrity.



Mark Woods Solo Show
23 July to 30 September

Cross Lane Projects will reopen with a solo exhibition by Mark Woods. Featuring objects, vignettes and photographs of elaborate artefacts housed in a purposely designed environment that aims to enhance viewers’ disorientation and surprise.

“Mark Wood’s new show “Absorption” at Cross Lane projects in Kendal is at times disturbing, uncomfortable and challenging. And for those reasons, it is not to be missed! To use a current expression bandied about the art world, this is an “immersive” experience, but unlike those commercial blockbusters doing the rounds now, this is not only a much more intimate experience, but it is also bonkers and brilliant” – James Payne

Off Grid – Olivia Bax
Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Exhibition
6 January – 30 January

Cross Lane Projects is proud to present a solo exhibition of new work by Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2019/20 winner Olivia Bax.

The work of Olivia Bax is often characterised by familiar elements such as a hook, handle or vessel presented in unconventional, coloured forms. Bax generates her own paper pulp to cover and form a mantle over linear armatures, moulding each sculpture in this way creates the distinctive texture of the work. Rooted in drawing, the work carries instinctive gestures from start to finish to suggest an action or feeling: slipping and holding: funneling and filtering: draining and containing.


London Art Fair 2021

20 January – 31 January


Cross Lane Projects presents new and existing work by a diverse group of gallery associated artists: Lawson Oyekan, William Plumptre, Rebecca Scott, Nicola Tassie, Olivia Bax and Mark Woods.

Each artist will present three recent works that highlight their individual concerns and approaches. Mark Tanner Sculpture Award winner 2019-20, Olivia Bax, known for using materials such as steel, chicken wire and a generated paper pulp, presents sculptures from her current Cross Lane Projects’ exhibition OFF GRID. A series of vessels and sculptures by ceramic artists Lawson OyekanWilliam Plumptre and Nicola Tassie present a contemporary dialogue about ceramics as objects and as art. Rebecca Scott is showing a series of powerful etchings from defaced magazine pages, which aim to expose the hypocrisies of so-called sexual freedom. Mark Woods presents photographic prints of his highly elaborate artefacts that blur the boundaries between fine art, fetish objects and items from a cabinet of curiosities. 

First image: Martin Rowson: Fur Cups, 2021. Second image: Folded Zine Poster, designed by Bethan Thorsby. Third image: Olivia Bax: Grille (Landscape), 2020, steel, chicken wire, newspaper, glue, paint, plaster, foam. Forth image: London Art Fair Logo. All works copyright the artists. Fifth image: Mark Woods, Kaliedoscope2021