Ceramics in a gallery setting. Including a colourful ceramic circle, ceramic wall and totem and tables of pots and jugs.
30 April – 25 June 2022


Lawson Oyekan, William Plumptre, Nicola Tassie and Gavin Turk

Private View: Friday 29 April, 6-8pm

A new exhibition by leading contemporary artists opens at Cross Lane Projects on Friday 29 April 2022, exploring the varying forms of contemporary ceramic practice.

Curated by Cross Lane Projects’ Director Rebecca Scott, the exhibition foregrounds the diverse ceramic practices of four leading contemporary artists: Gavin Turk, Lawson Oyekan, Nicola Tassie and William Plumptre.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a text by Eva Masterman.

Every Saturday 12-6pm in June & July, or by appointment.

Modern Capricho

The Inaugural Exhibition of Prints and Works
Nicola Bealing, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Denise De Cordova, Simon Marsh, Rebecca Scott & Mark Woods


6-8 Vestry St, London N1 7RE
Open every Saturday, 12-6pm in June & July or by appointment.

A Modern Capricho brings together work by artists Nicola Bealing, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Denise de Cordova, Simon Marsh, Rebecca Scott and Mark Woods.

It is apposite to be thinking about Goya while the world stumbles; if you think we’ve got it bad, with our pandemic, financial crisis, unstable leaders, wars and natural disasters, look at Spain in the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

History is replete with war and starvation, but Goya has an ability for penetrating hurt. Goya doesn’t exonerate the evils of individuals and groups, he amasses evidence of universal depravity. His trademark is detachment, and his work contains a layering of meanings. He masks his satire by using images that inspire multiple interpretations, mixing horror with ribaldry.

A Modern Capricho is very relevant today in our era of fake news and new normal.  The work in this exposition is eloquent and urgent enough, to be displayed in proximity to Goya’s Los Caprichos and create a contemporary dialogue.

A Modern Capricho will be the first exhibition at Cross Lane Projects’ new gallery Vestry St in Hoxton, London. Visitors are invited into this uniquely intimate space to read, reflect, discuss and view contemporary art in a salon-like setting. Located in a private residence on the road that bears its name, Vestry St presents a programme of curated exhibitions and events by leading contemporary artists, both local and international.

The salon at Vestry St will be open every Saturday, 12 – 6pm, in June and July 2022, or by appointment.

23 July – 24 September 2022

High on Hope

Mark Fairnington, Gerard Hemsworth, Roy Holt, Rebecca Scott, Bob & Roberta Smith,                  Michael Stubbs, Jessica Voorsanger, Mark Wallinger, Suzy Willey

The largest exhibition of Contemporary Painting is coming to Cross Lane Projects, Kendal, this Summer, bringing together the biggest names in Contemporary Art.

‘High on Hope’ has been conceived as a memorial exhibition for the artist Gerard Hemsworth (1945-2021). It brings together a selection of Hemsworth’s canvases with that the work by eight other artists whom he taught, on the Master’s programme at Goldsmiths College, London, in the late 1980s and early 1990s. 

The exhibition, which has been devised by the painter Rebecca Scott, focuses on artists whose work she sees as resonating with Hemsworth’s own engagement with a type of “post-conceptual figurative or representational painting”.

For Hemsworth, both in his own work and in his teaching, the criticality of art was central. He saw all art as falling into two broad categories “art that celebrates the world we live in, and art that questions it”, or to put it another way “art which addresses what we know, and art which addresses what we do not know”. It was the latter of these positions that governed much of his thinking in the studio and pedagogically.

The Goldsmiths MA and Hemsworth as a teacher and artist influenced a huge number of artists working in all fields of art. This exhibition brings together some of these artists: Mark Fairnington, Gerard Hemsworth, Roy Holt, Rebecca Scott, Bob & Roberta Smith, Michael Stubbs, Jessica Voorsanger, Mark Wallinger and Suzy Willey. 

The artists on show reflect Scott’s own circle of influence and interest in the language of representation in painting.  Scott has selected each work carefully to draw out allegiances, connections, and what she describes as “trickles of thought”.

Previous exhibitions

19 March – 23 April 2022

Evolutionary Love

Dean Kenning

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Winner 2020/21
Private view: Friday 18th March 2022

Dean Kenning (b.1972 Hounslow, UK) makes kinetic and sound sculptures, as well as videos and diagrams. His work is engaged with political, philosophical and scientific questions, and is produced through hands-on material and process-based experimentation, and in the spirit of DIY problem solving

For ’Evolutionary Love’ in Kendal, Kenning has produced a series of semi-autonomous, interactive creatures, which crawl and drag themselves continuously around the gallery, avoiding obstacles and interacting with visitors and each other.

This new work is more technically sophisticated than Kenning’s previous kinetic artworks, but the effect is more ‘animalistic’ than ‘robotic’ as the focus remains on the aesthetics of movement, particularly nervous or compulsive movement.

Worlds Apart

New work by Rebecca Scott
Pop-up Exhibition
Friday 11 March 6-9pm & Saturday 12 March 12-5pm only.


Immigrants and Family Portraits 2021

The paintings of the Immigrants were inspired by the epic painting the ‘Raft of Medusa’ by Theodore Gericault, a tragic story of a shipwreck from the 1818/19, which hangs in the Louvre, and contemporary photographs from the internet of immigrants fleeing their homes with nothing but their lives. The images have such similarities despite them being 200 years apart, it fills me with compassion and makes me wonder what their lives and stories they have left behind are.

The juxtaposition of the Family Portraits show a dialogue between the different lives’ circumstances offer us.

Scott’s work shows a reaction, an empathic reflection of the images we see, the struggles of immigrants and people in a situation different to ours.

First image: Installation Shot of ‘4’. Photography by Rebecca Larkin. Second image: High on Hope, Bob & Roberta Smith.  Third image: Robot, 2021, Dean Kenning, Evolutionary Love. Fourth image: Worlds Apart, 2022, Rebecca Scott. All works copyright the artists.