7 – 8 September 2019

About exhibition

Mark Woods presents No Mirror, a new installation work developed for Lakes Alive festival, taking over the main gallery at Cross Lane Projects. Carefully staged assemblages of found objects and furniture are set in motion and combined with his unique style of glamorous and transgressive objects to create an immersive whole-room work referencing the uncanny and exploring masculine anxiety.

Visit during Kendal’s Lakes Alive festival weekend.


About the artist

Mark Woods (b. 1961, Surrey) is a British artist with a background in contemporary jewellery production and in boat building, he produces highly elaborate artefacts that blur the boundaries between jewellery, fine art, fetish objects and items from a cabinet of curiosities.

Woods a range of materials that include epoxy resins, silk, leather and faux materials to create ‘trangressice’ objects that reflect an extraordinarily high level of execution. These materials become part of the objects’ allure, eroticism and ambiguity; connecting to the viewer’s sense of the fetishistic. They have been described as laying bare a fascination with the “fradulent simulation phenomena of a society increasingly obsessed with glamour and pornography”.

Selected solo exhibitions: A Return to Old Certainties, 2017, Lubomirov/Angus Hughes Gallery: London; Saturnia, 2012, Brussels, Belgium, 2010 and To Have and to Hold, The Wapping Project, London. Selected group exhibitions: Collecting Craft, Chariman Adams collection, Holburne Museum, Bath, Engalnd; Miniscule Venice, curated by Vanya Balogh, Venice, Italy; Flugblätter, curated by Birgit Jensen, Maebashi, Japen, Schloss Plüschow Mecklenburg, Künstlerhaus, Upahl, Germany; Flugblätter, curated by Birgit Jensen & Mark Patsfall, Clay Street Press, Cincinnati, USA (all 2019). Flugblätter, 2018, curated by Birgit Jensen, Dordrect, The Netherlands; EMPIRE II, 2017, touring to Venice, Brussels, London, Kendal and Berlin; The Kick insid, 2016, Tel Aviv, Israel; Curious Bodies, London; Nirvana, Les entranges formes du plaisir,Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, Switzerland.

Photography by Rebecca Larkin. All works copyright the artist.