5 May to 2 June  2023
Exhibition Details
Is the assumption that a work of art exists only as a commodity and not as a gift entirely correct?

It seems that art exists simultaneously in both market and gift economies, but which is essential for its survival. A work of art can definitely survive the market, but equally when there is no Gift there is no Art – Vanya Balogh.

And if works of art are gifts and nothing but, how are their creators to live in the physical world, in which food will sooner or later be needed by them? Should they be sustained by reciprocal gifts made by the public—the equivalent of the gifts placed in the Zen monk’s begging bowl? Should they exist in quasi-Shaker communities of the like-minded, of which creative writing departments may be a secular version? – Margaret Harrison, 2020,  Prospect Magazine.

The exhibition features over 60 international artists, practising in a broad spectrum of media: from painting, drawing and photography to sculpture, film and printmaking.

Selected works from this private collection are carefully placed across the gallery space, to be sen for the very first time. Visitors are invited to explore and enjoy this meditation on ‘Gift Economy’, curated by Vanya Balogh.


About the artists

Pascal Rousson, Liz Helman, Mark Woods, Joanna McCormick. Emma Croft, Cedric Christie, Rebecca Scott, Neil Boorman, Franko B, Mark Wigan,
Alina Gavrielatos, UrbanXXX, Gavin Turk, Bob and Roberta Smith,
Sonja Engelhardt, Ark2,  Susan Schulman, Sexton & Reid, Kety Balogh,
Zev Robinson, Thomas Qualmann, Heather Sparks, Mark Hammond, Dan Knight,
Danny Pockets, Eddie Croft, Esther Planas, Patrick Colhoun, Eva Raboso,
Gilbert & George, Petra Varl, Elisabeth C Clarke, Deborah Bee,
Jordane Gaudenzi, Liam Scully, Keith Levene, Aldo Giannotti, Robert Barta, Thomas Behling, Andrea Morucchio, Dallas Seitz, Nina Saunders,
Geraldine Swayne, Tim Lewis, Max Sudhues, Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick, Ann Grim, Alex Ruffini, Alejandro Pintado, Antonio Cabrera, Maslen Mehra, Ansell Cizic, Desdemona Varon, Igor Kuduz, Gzillion Artist, Jim Racine,
Paul Carter Robinson, Rigulio Graak, Tomaz Kramberger, Thomas J Ridley,
Dark Theatre, Sarah Baker, Rose Smith, David Brock,
Jose Carlos Texeria, Tracey Bush, Julia Maddison, Sally Krysztal, Michael Croft, Jimmy Tse, Mahaut Leca, Paul Sakoilsky, GTO, Clayton Woods,
Simon Ould, Ingrid Berthon-Moine, Christopher Clack, FREEE.

Images left to right: ARK2: Escape, 2010, print on cavas. Pascal Rousson: Untitled, 2019, oil on wood. Geraldine Swayne: Untitled, 2016, enamel paint on aluminium. Ansel Cizic: Egg, 2016, analogue print. Mahaut Leca: Allumeuse, 2019, collage miniature. Mark Hammond: Class War, 2010, paper plate. Rebecca Scott: Maiden, 2016, oil on canvas. Ann Grim: Time Capsule From The Future, 2017, acrylic on burnt wood. Installation shot of The Gift. Tomaz Kramberger: XXX, 2018, digital print. Clayton Woods: Booze Made Me Do It, 2021, oil, acrylic, spray paint on canvas. Simon Ould: Britain is Shit, 2008, ink and pencil on paper. Tim Lewis: Untitled, 2010, steel and wood miniature. Mark Wigan: Whicky Wacky, 2019, pen on matchbox. Nina Saunders: Pea, 2009, ceramic miniature. Installation shot of The Gift. Zev Robinson: Nomadic Gardens, 2017, pen on paper. Installation shot of The Gift. Installation shot of The Gift with Allumeuse. Jordane Gaudenzi, Self Portrait, 2010, analogue print. Ann Grim: Leaving Gaïa 3047, bird’s eye view over Saturn’s largest desert after a photograph taken by the satellite EH230877, 2018, HD past, ink and resin on canvas. Alina Gavrielatos: China Town, 2019, oil on canvas. Joanna McCormick: Spacestonaut, 2016, nylon and plastic doll. Rebecca Scott: Go Go, 2012, oil on canvas. Sonya Engelhardt: Untitled, 2016, digital print. Kety Balogh: PNG, 2012, mixed media. Dallas Seitz: Oculus, 2012, collage and acrylic on canvas. Install shot of The Gift. Glenn Fitzy Fitzpatrick: 60 Seconds, 2022, pen on paper. All works copyright the artists.